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ÅreBussen: General Conditions


The total baggage weight per paying passenger is maximum 25 kg. Maximum value on baggage must not exceed 9000 SEK. Disability aids such as wheelchairs and crutches are the exception threshold. A maximum of two (2) bags per passenger and a ski / snowboard packages and ski boot bag may be included in the bus loading area. Fragile luggage and luggage that may harm another passenger's baggage must be well packaged. Luggage that is dangerous or likely to cause considerable inconvenience, such as explosive and flammable objects and liquids, toxic, infectious or corrosive substances and weapons may not be carried. Please note that valuables or cash may not be stored in the bus loading area.

Baggage (the excess above) allowed if space under special tariff. Disability aids such as wheelchairs and crutches are not counted as special baggage and may be carried free of charge. Always contact ÅreBussen at +46 (0)8-739 32 00 or via the contact form no later than 7 days prior to departure. Make sure your luggage is securely packaged so that it is not damaged or injure your fellow passengers luggage.

One (1) carry-on baggage may be included inside the bus with maximum dimensions of 40x30x20 cm. For safety reasons, no luggage placed in the bus aisle or by any exits. Carry-on baggage must be placed under the seat in front or on the bus's rear shelves. Hand luggage that is placed on seats shall be thoroughly cleaned and secured with a seat belt. Valuables such as PC, tablet, mobile phone, wallet, etc. must not be left unattended even for brief moments.

It is the traveler's responsibility to label luggage with your name, address and telephone number. Look closely at the egress that you have the right luggage. It is the traveler's responsibility that the above conditions are met and are aware that the baggage stored in a room that does not ÅreBussen constantly have full control over. Lost, damaged or stolen luggage is not compensated by ÅreBussen if the damage / loss caused by the passenger's negligence. In case of loss damage caused by the accident that occurred as a result of the use of the bus or negligence on ÅreBussens page based compensation in accordance with applicable law.


Comfortable coaches equipped with reclining seats, seat belts, good areas, restrooms, electrical outlets and often wireless internet access make the trip with ÅreBussen pleasant. At low occupancy, smaller vehicles to be used with lower standards. ÅreBussen also entitled to rebook traveler, with a certain time lag, to other modes of transport up to 72 hours before departure. If the traveler so, instead chooses to cancel the trip will be refunded the entire ÅreBussens fare.

In order to get booked travelers owns ÅreBussen right to cancel the excursion 5 days before departure and refund the ticket.

Traveling with kids

All children are entitled to their own seat. ÅreBussen does not take special responsibility for children traveling without a parent or guardian.

ÅreBussen recommends that children up to 6 years of age sitting in the high chair. Highchair available to hire and booked in conjunction with the booking of the trip. Give the child's age and weight.


It is not allowed to bring pets onboard our coaches. The exception is the working dogs such as the visually impaired.

Lost and Found

If the object and luggage forgotten left the traveler can contact our customer service via our contact form on the website.

Help for travelers with special needs

ÅreBussens policy is that as far as possible to help all travelers to a comfortable and enjoyable trip. If you have special needs, for example due to reduced mobility, visually impaired, hearing impaired, etc. you can contact ÅreBussen at +46 (0) 8-739 32 00. Contact us no later than 7 days before the voyage to the best way to plan your trip for you. We can not always meet all the needs that may arise but we will do the best we can.

Stops, scheduling

ÅreBussen only stops at the stops that are specified in the schedule. ÅreBussen right not to dock at the bus stop without a reserved traveler. It is therefore very important that passengers are at the stop according to the booking confirmation. If the traveler wants to change the stop must be notified ÅreBussen later than 24 hours before departure.

The schedule indicates the earliest departure from each stop. Weather and traffic disruption can affect the journey time. For larger delay (more than 30 minutes), we try to contact you at your cellphone.

Tickets and Payment

Booking and payment is via ÅreBussens website (www.arebussen.se) or at ÅreBussens retailers later than 5 days prior to departure. Later bookings can be made by phone or email.

When space can ticket bought on the bus next to depart at full price plus a supplement of 50 sec.

As the ticket is your confirmation number and name or cash ticket. The ticket must be retained throughout the journey and be presented upon check. If passengers during a check does not produce a valid ticket will be charged the maximum fare for the route.

It is the responsibility of the traveler to check that the information on the ticket / confirmation complies with distance, time and date as ordered. Access and egress must be done in a reserved bus stop. If booked traveler not present themselves, owns ÅreBussen right to use the site.

Groups (over 25 people)

Please contact us for a quote.

Conversion and Cancellation

Refund on cancellation of the trip under the following conditions:

When a refund is an administrative fee of 50 SEK.


Our prices on trips governed by supply and demand, and we apply in some cases, dynamic pricing. This means that the price may vary.


Discount offers can occur and cannot be combined with other offers.


Complaints must be made succinctly and in writing within three (3) months from the date travel day and submitted either in writing or via the contact form on the website. The complaint may need to be supplemented by receipts.

Travel Time Guarantee

The Journey warranty is valid in case of delay of more than 50 minutes depending on the wrong bus or shortcomings in the planning or other errors that ÅreBussen directly influence. It does not cover delay related to traffic disruptions due to bad road conditions, bad weather, accident, problems at bus stations or other external circumstance or delay due to any external event ÅreBussen can not influence. On the occasions travel time warranty enter, under the terms above, replacing the customer with one (1) free single journey equivalent to the journey that applied at the time of delay. If the delay is more than two hours replacing the customer with two (2) free single journeys corresponding to the journey that applied at the time of delay.

Life on board

All buses are non-smoking, even in the toilets. Mobile phone, laptop, mp3 player, etc. may be used on board. Remember that show consideration for fellow passengers. At night buses, there are many who want to sleep and have it quiet around him. Please respect this.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on board for your comfort and safety. The driver or other personnel are entitled to reject that which disturbs his fellow travelers, appear intoxicated or otherwise interfere with the order. Traveler rejected is not entitled to reimbursement of travel costs. In addition to travel / transportation arranged and paid for by rejected traveler.

We reserve price changes and typographical errors.

Have a nice trip!

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